The School

Regular school subjects are taught-reading, writing, and arithmetic, with each child working at their own level, in their own workbook. He/she follows a programme with specific goals according to their individual ability. This enables them to receive much individual attention. Basic relationships, outdoor activities and skills are dealt with. Pottery and art work are favourites, as well as the making of hand-made paper. Swimming and other sports are encouraged with regular visits to gymnasiums. Several take part in galas and have done very well. Some children do equestrian training regularly and this improves their self image as well as posture and physical fitness.

Children are taught how to behave in public as well as how to relate to one another and to others. We teach through game and group interaction. Children are also expected to fulfill certain duties in the kitchen and dining room. Washing and drying of dishes, setting tables, making sandwiches and baking cookies are life skills that need to be mastered.

* Music Therapy
* Music and Dance Groups
* Concert-participation, assisting with d├ęcor and costumes
* Gym-Weekly trips to Body Quest with trained Instructors
* Horse Riding and Equine Therapy done weekly
* Swimming (training by a qualified coach is offered if child has the ability to achieve in this field)

Chimp Eden, Bird Rehabilitation Centre, Reptile Park, the Kruger National Park, African Silk Farm, Tshukudu have been visited. These are arranged by segments of the community or interested volunteers. A highlight in 2008 was for a small group who spent a week at Sodwana which included a boat trip where dolphins were spotted; snorkeling in rock pools observing underwater life and climbing sand dunes were the order of the day.